保安人才的培养与管理制度的建立 - 中特保四川行业动态_四川中特保国际安保股份有限公司



First, the quality control of the security guards
保安服务企业是一个人口密集型的企业,企业的发展需要高素质员工的积极参与。招聘优秀的人才是每个企业人力资源部门的首要任务,要想招聘到优秀的保安 员,首先,企业应多渠道的招聘,挖掘高素质的人才进入企业服务;其次,企业的福利待遇应在同行业内有一定的优势,这样,对人才才有一定的吸引力。一名优秀 的保安员,必须具备良好的思想业务素质,才能胜任这项工作。对保安员的录用和考核,要严格按照标准,层层筛选,综合考评。考核面应涵盖技能、文化水平、普 通话、协调能力等方面。保安员直接与客户接触,良好的工作态度、得体的语言、热忱的服务是客户衡量我们管理水平的标尺。
The security service enterprise is a densely populated enterprise. The development of the enterprise needs the active participation of the high quality staff. To recruit excellent talents is the primary task of the human resources department of every enterprise. In order to recruit excellent security guards, first of all, the enterprise should recruit many channels and dig high-quality talents into the enterprise service. Secondly, the welfare of the enterprise should have a certain advantage in the same industry, so that the talent has a certain attraction. Power。 A good security guard must have good ideological and professional qualities to be competent for the job. The recruitment and assessment of security personnel should be strictly screened according to standards and comprehensive assessment. The assessment area should cover skills, cultural level, Putonghua, coordination ability and so on. Security personnel directly contact with customers. Good working attitude, proper language and dedicated service are the yardsticks for our clients to measure our management level.
Two, the training and education of the security guards
保安员进入队伍,前期的理论技能培训是必要的。编制科学合理的培训教案,辅以灵活多样的培训方法是需要考虑的首要问题。教案中侧重理论和实践相结合, 走集中培训、单兵考核的路子。培训中注重对人才的发掘和使用,了解人员的特长、技能、爱好,适才专用。只有充分发现和挖掘人才的潜力,恰如其分地发挥他的 作用和专长,才能营造一种宽松公正的管理氛围。培训项目要进行基础考核,了解和掌握培训的质量,同时运用奖优罚懒的管理杠杆。例行军事技能训练和理论知识 培训相辅相成,真正做到周有计划、月有计划安排。同时不忽视消防和其他应急突发事件处理的模拟演练。从实战中总结摸索经验,真正做到有备无患。从而提高保 安队伍整体战斗力,为全年工作顺利推进打下良好基础。
It is necessary for security personnel to enter the team and the training of theoretical skills. Compiling scientific and reasonable training plans and supplemented by flexible training methods is the primary issue to consider. In the teaching plan, we should focus on the combination of theory and practice, and take the way of centralized training and individual assessment. In training, we should pay attention to the exploration and use of talents, and understand the expertise, skills and hobbies of personnel. Only by fully discovering and excavating the potential of talents, and properly displaying their functions and expertise, can we create a relaxed and fair management atmosphere. The training project should carry out basic examination, understand and master the quality of training, and use rewards, rewards, and lazy management levers. Routine military skills training and theoretical knowledge training complement each other, and truly achieve weekly plan and monthly plan. At the same time, we do not neglect the simulation exercises of fire fighting and other emergency handling. Sum up experience from actual combat, and truly prepare for trouble. So as to enhance the overall combat effectiveness of the security forces, and lay a good foundation for the smooth progress of the whole year's work.
Three, the improvement and implementation of various management systems
Efficient management needs a perfect system to support. The formulation and timely improvement of all management rules and regulations will play a good guiding role in daily management. Enterprises should formulate effective employee handbook, organize study and supervise implementation. Let grass-roots management have rules and regulations, so that employees can clearly understand their own code of conduct.
Four, meticulous ideological education work
On the basis of conscientiously carrying out the spirit of enterprise instruction, managers should pay attention to Zhang Chi. We should draw lessons from the practice of humanized management, govern the team by law, and lead troops with intelligence, and develop team spirit and master spirit. Managers should go to grass-roots research to fully understand the team's thinking and work. Find the key and do a good job of thinking. In this way, a centripetal force and a cohesive force can be formed.
Five, retain excellent talents
How to retain excellent talents, enterprises should be the first issue. Enterprises should improve management and take more initiatives in personal growth training, development space and other incentives. Let outstanding talents do well in the enterprise, thereby reducing the loss of personnel and maintaining the stability of the team.
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