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1 backups of important files
Specific performance is: do a good job of document classification, make good use of tools, save documents.
Good employees will pay more attention to details. When a leader needs a material, the ordinary staff often do not know where to find, and can not find, and excellent employees can accurately tell the contents of the document and the specific location.
2 initiative and leadership communication
Under the premise of not disturbing the leadership, the excellent staff will communicate with the leadership actively, report the progress to the leader regularly, and report the suggestions and opinions on the work to the leaders in the near future. Let the leader know what you are thinking, so that he can better manage the staff.
3 do a little more than others
A good employee will never lack the spirit of initiative. It is a good example to do more every day. They never complain about how much work is, there is no part of the job, and what they want to do is to do all the work well, because they regard all the extra work as an opportunity.
4 take the initiative to take responsibility
Excellent employees have more responsibility for work than ordinary employees. In the face of urgent and dangerous tasks, they came forward and took the heavy burden. In the face of problems and mistakes, they do not hide or make excuses, take the initiative to admit mistakes and analyze the reasons for their mistakes.
5 team spirit
Team spirit is the synthesis of "three cognition" of overall situation, service consciousness and coordination consciousness. Excellent employees will be collective and personal, and the team spirit should be given to the collective to play the effect of "1+1 greater than 2". They will achieve mutual trust, mutual tolerance, mutual complement and mutual humility.
6 do not divulge the secret of the unit
In addition to keeping secrets of intellectual property and unit secrets, we should also do what we should not say or not. Keeping business secrets is one of the professional ethics that employees should abide by. Employees should always tighten this string to avoid their carelessness and bring unnecessary losses and disasters to enterprises and themselves.
7 No overstep Report
The organizational organization of the unit pays attention to the daily report. Leapfrog reporting not only destroys the procedures, but also makes the boss feel uneasy. When you have any suggestions for work, you must report them step by step when you need to report. It is best to communicate with your immediate supervisor first so as to achieve better results.
8 punctuality, no procrastination
Go to work, work, and date to be punctual. Punctuality is not only a manifestation of politeness, but also a reflection of self quality. It is better to be punctual within 10 minutes of the appointed time, neither too early nor too late. Punctuality is also manifested in having the concept of time, completing tasks on time, without delay and without slack.
9 pay attention to the image of oneself
Good appearance is like a beautiful piece of music. It can not only bring confidence to oneself, but also bring aesthetic pleasure to others. Excellent employees dress simply and appropriately, looking very spiritual. At the same time, they will keep the office environment neat and orderly, and make clean desk a card for his positive working attitude.
10 constantly innovating in the work
Good employees are very focused on their work and constantly seeking breakthroughs. They are not confined to traditional experience in the face of a problem, but they will start to brainstorm, come up with many solutions, and choose the best solution. Only in this way can we constantly improve our work efficiency and enrich ourselves.
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