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"Safety" is not unfamiliar to everyone. It is everywhere in our production and life everywhere. It is everywhere in our life. "Safety production, people oriented" as a concept, we all can understand and understand, but in actual work, how to ensure safety is quite complex and very difficult. Here are a few points in the security work.
1 safety and no small matter
"Safety, alarm bells ringing", "safety first, prevention first" and so on security banners and slogans can be seen, what does that mean for the safe production of enterprises? This is to remind us of the safety production work, must pay attention to the details, the strict implementation of safety regulations, safety measures, the company developed a complete system of safe production and management rules, but no matter how good the content of the rules, if not to seriously implement, to actively implement, can only be empty talk, useless. Therefore, the key to the more and more good rules and regulations lies in the good implementation.
2 security cannot be satisfied with 99%
In the actual work of weekdays, some workers are satisfied with 99% and neglect 1%, which is very rare and difficult to meet. They rarely associate 1% of the factors with the accident, and they don't think so.
Just let yourself meet. Can you touch your head, not yourself?
In the work, we must require all levels of managers to take the responsibility of "zero accidents" and take the responsibility of themselves and the company's property highly responsible, and do a good job in safety production according to the principle of "pipe production must be managed safely" and "who is in charge and who is responsible". The responsibility system for safety production should be carried out, and the responsibility book of safety production targets is signed step by step, and four of the ideas, management, responsibility and system measures are put in place. It is necessary to tell the safety of production in the event of production. To be satisfied with 99% and ignore 1%, in fact, the subconscious empiricism is on the ground. By experience, feel work is often the breeding ground for "three violations" phenomenon. As long as there are 1% hidden dangers, the accident can happen.
3 security "fine" Mo "acting"
Do fine "and" acting "although the word, only to be quite different. To work as an example, "doing fine" eyes are the safety work of "dead", mind is a precautionary measure "blind spots" is of great importance to eliminate safety hazards, so the lack of courage to dare to face, exposing ugly scar; and the "show" the eyes are looking at the upper level leadership the evaluation thought is whether their work can be appreciated by the leadership, work in rhetoric, evasive, amplification results, ignore the problem, so the buried the more danger.
Do a good job of production safety as a good singing scientific and safe and harmonious development of the "big show" need not "acting", but the real courage, dare tube, tube, catch good "fine".
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